Me and Spike? It would never have worked out… He’s an anarcho-primitivist, and I agree with Chomsky’s view that it’s untenable as a political belief system… Plus, he was really into anal. Like, ew.
I’m half and half. Me Dad’s a Muggle, Mam’s a Witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out.
It’s disgusting how I love you. God, I hate it, I should kill you. But I just wanna touch your face. It’s disgusting.
Faith, Hope, & Trick:
Faith:...(sings) Dangerzone.

Anonymous said: just wondering, do you publish all submissions?

Not all of them. Sadly, some just aren’t that funny or mesh with the blog well, but don’t let that discourage you please!

On that note, I’d really appreciate it if you submit a quote, put the dialogue itself in the quote box and the speaker/source in the box below. Doing that makes it easier to format and thus increases your chances of betting published.

Willow:[to Xander] Well, you've fallen off the roof of a building. Every year since I've known you.
Cordelia:You broke your arm wrestling a dog.
Buffy:And no one's accidentally eaten more change than you!
Xander:You're making a pretty good case that I'm the unluckiest guy in the world.
Cordelia:Well, if you're not, there's a guy out there about to step on a rake that I really wanna meet.
Oh, please. I’ve been drinking since before you were born. So if alcohol’s the reason I’m here, I got news for you, bub, it’s the only reason you’re here, too.
i think im gonna lay down…………
THE LAW! you all thought i was going to bed! justice never sleeps, haha suckers


Walk up into the graveyard like what up I got a big Crypt- Spike

incorrectbuffyquotes I made you a thing?


Boy, am I glad this is not a horror movie we’re starring in. I’d be the dumb chick who puts out and wanders off on her own. The first one to die. Or I’d turn out to be the killer at the end.